The citizens of Rosamond are trying to keep their streets a little safer. Gail and Paul Warnick are reviving the Neighborhood Watch program in the community. They organized sort of a town hall meeting a few weeks ago at the Rosamond Community Services District Community Building with help from the […]

Desert News Article: Neighborhood Watch comes to Rosamond

This is out of Bakersfield, but still good information to be aware of… The Kern County Sheriff’s Office reported an increase in the number of tire and wheel thefts in the past month. Chevrolet and GMC vehicles are popular targets, and the thefts typically occur late at night or early […]

Chevrolet and GM Vehicle Warning

We just received a call reporting that some of the ‘GE’ door knockers are now telling people they are with the Community Watch Program and that it is imperative that residents either upgrade their existing system or install a new one. If ANYONE, other than Paul or myself, tries to […]

Warning – GE Door Knockers

Emergency Numbers and Community Numbers Note:  661-256-9700 is for the Rosamond Sub Station Clerk Only…  Use 661-861-3110 for all Non-Emergency Calls Requiring services of a Deputy Unit.

Emergency Numbers

Welcome to the Rosamond Community Watch Program (RCWP) site.  We will be posting updates to this site on a regular basis.  Currently it is under construction – so please return for new information.

Welcome to the RCWP Site