Warning – GE Door Knockers 1

We just received a call reporting that some of the ‘GE’ door knockers are now telling people they are with the Community Watch Program and that it is imperative that residents either upgrade their existing system or install a new one. If ANYONE, other than Paul or myself, tries to tell you they are a representative of our program, it is NOT true. If this happens, please contact us immediately at 661.418.1378.

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One thought on “Warning – GE Door Knockers

  • richard whelan

    I live on Glendower St. and had a man come to my door a couple of days ago trying to sell me a security system. He kept mentioning a website called I believe crime mapping .com which he said would show me the high incidents of crime in my neighborhood. When questioned about where, such as a street, he did not know what streets were in my neighborhood.
    When I advised him that I was an ex cop and had my own protection he persisted in trying to find out what it was. Needless to say I did not tell him.